1. Vinyl in general.  Vinyl can be applied to any clean, smooth flat surface – walls, doors, windows, mirrors, the list is endless.

Before applying, it is important to prep your walls by cleaning properly.  Also if you have recently painted, wait approx. 2-3 weeks for your walls to cure.

When you are ready to remove your graphic – warm the vinyl with a hair dryer and slowly peel off.

Instructions will come with your graphic for making the application process go smoothly for you.

I also do custom orders – just email me your quote, I will design that for you. Vinyl is removable but not reusable!

2.  Shipping.  I ship via USPS 1st class mail.  Occasionally I ship UPS.  If you want your package insured, it is important you tell me prior to payment so that I can adjust your invoice accordingly. If you pay and still want insurance, I will bill you via paypal prior to shipping.

3.   Matte vs. Glossy vinyl:  Matte generally is used on the interior of your home or office.  Glossy is generally for outdoor use and holds up for longer periods of time under most conditions.

4.  I do not stock my items and make them as you order.  Under most circumstances I ship within 5 business days.

5.  If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order.  


    • Will my vinyl adhere to my walls.

    • How and when will my order be shipped?

    • How are refunds handled?

    Will my vinyl adhere to my walls. top

    There are many variables when working with vinyl and knowing if it will adhere to your walls.  First and most importantly, if you have any doubts about the vinyl graphic you would like to purchase, please ask in advance for a sample. We gladly will send one to you to test with your walls.

    We have no way to know what type of paint or surface you will be applying your graphic to.  Please keep in mind the following:  Rough and pitted surfaces or those with sand may not allow the vinyl to stick.  Also egg shell paint is hard to work with but generally when you get it to release from the backing it is there for good.  Extremely glossy surfaces may also make it more difficult.  There is a paint galled "green" that is fairly new to the market and it is also difficult to work with.  Keeping these factors in mind there is always the humidity that can make it more difficult.  

    Please feel free to call us in advance or simply just ask for a sample to test yourself. We will gladly oblige!



    How and when will my order be shipped? top

    I ship all orders first class and/or priority mail using paypal mailing label system that provides a tracking number.  Generally orders are shipped within 5-7 days of your order being placed with the exception of the Christmas holiday season.  Select the appropriate shipping at checkout, United States/Canada or International Shipping.   

    How are refunds handled? top

    All orders are handled as custom orders as they are made after your order is placed.  There are no refunds without the prior permission of Vinly Designs by CJ on a case by case status.  You must contact us with any problems within 30 days of purchase/or receipt of your vinyl graphic.